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O.L.A is becoming a non-collegiate sorority!


A non-collegiate, professional, service, and social organization promoting sisterhood and service through outreach. Being a member of O.L.A is a life long commitment. Each member plays an important role in making sure the sorority thrives

We Network

We create a unique seating arrangement to assure that you are meeting women in your industry, or that may share your passions. We want you to leave with new friends and potential partnerships.

We Inspire

Every O.L.A leaves every event we do feeling a little more inspired than when she came. We make sure that your spirit is just as full as your stomach.

We Eat

We always dine at a top restaurant in the city. The exclusive menu changes based on location, but always accommodates an array of dietary

needs & restrictions.

An O.L.A. is a Bold, Fearless, Ambitious woman who carriers herself as a lady at all times.


She is never selfish, jealous or rude. She's always kind and dignified. 

When an O.L.A. walks into a room, she embodies confidence, and grace.


To others she is awe-inspiring, beaming with beauty and imperfections. 

She is determined to win and has an unyielding sense of relentlessness.

An O.L.A. is committed to helping, inspiring, and motivating other ladies who cross her path.

She loves herself, stays true to her standards and ultimately represents as an unforgettable Outstanding Lady.

Remember, Always Be a Lady, and Outstanding Lady with Attitude!